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When dental clinics are hard to come by, booking an appointment at your local dental office is the next best thing.

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Dental Offices in Roseville CA - giving people better smiles.

Most of the time, people interchange between dental offices and dental clinics. This is confusing for most people. Knowing the difference helps; the difference is in the location and the people who run the facility. Dental offices in Roseville CA, services differ from dental clinics in some aspects.

If you want to distinguish the terms, we will get into the details since both are interchangeable.

Dental Clinic

A dental clinic is an establishment where a dentist provides dental treatments as well as procedures on patients. It can be located primarily in a government office, hospitals, schools, and some health-related areas. It only has a single room with all the various dental equipment. At times dental clinics would provide accessible or affordable treatments but not all the time. The dental clinic often provides after-hours in cases of emergencies.

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Parts of a Dental Office

1. Reception area. This is a lounge area where most customers sit and wait for their turn to be called. The area has a couch and provides entertainment options to keep them preoccupied. Entertainment options may include a magazine stand, television, and vending machine for refreshments.

2. Patient records. There is a staff position at the reception area, which acts as a receptionist and keeps track of the patient’s records. It can be computerized or on paper; computerized records are the norm since technology has been integrated with our lives.

From time to time, the records are updated with current and new patients. This makes everything organized.

3. Dental clinic. Yes! This is a bit confusing for some. This is a small room where several dental procedures are being performed.

4. Other areas. Big Dental Offices in Roseville CA departments have different practitioners who have employees doing filing and storage. Most of the tasks are handled by different people, and they handle payments and insurance claims.

The importance of seeing your dentist

Regardless of the dental services provided by a dental office or a clinic, you must see them on a regular basis. Yes, going to the dentist costs money, but you will be protected by fatal dental diseases if left untreated in the long run.

People don’t focus much on their teeth until it’s too late. The food they eat affects their teeth, and this is also with some drinks that stain or color the teeth. Any of these can destroy the teeth; that is why regular consultations are essential.

Poor oral hygiene can affect an individual’s overall health, particularly the digestive, reproductive, circulatory, and respiratory systems.

A good smile can make a person more confident. Most of the time, people focus on smiling 94% of the time during the first encounter. A smile can make a difference.

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If you are in need of assistance with your dental problem, your dental office can assist you. Our facility offers top-of-the-line dental work. We provide all kinds of general dentistry to any age group. We have our dental hygienist help our dentists to make treatment as perfect as possible. You can schedule an appointment by calling our office. If you don’t have your dentist, we can arrange that; head down to our office, and we will get you one.