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How our Dental Implantation Roseville CA experts can benefit you

Due to tooth decay and periodontal disease, more and more people are experiencing dental loss. It can be challenging to eat and talk with missing teeth. Dentures used to be the most common choice, but dental implants have been rising in popularity. This process replaces the lost tooth or teeth with fixed or temporary ones. Implants can be similar to dentures but have a stronger foundation and support since they are firmly rooted in place. It feels more natural like your own teeth, and maintaining and cleaning it is easy. If you are looking for the most reliable dental experts for your implants, you might want to consider getting one from our specialists at Dental Implantation Roseville CA.

Some people are afraid to have dental implants due to the cost and risks. However, there are many advantages to dental implantation as opposed to dentures. We will discuss these below.

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Easy Care

Dental implants do not need to be removed night after night like dentures. If you need to clean it, brush it similarly to how you care for your permanent teeth. You can floss and brush the way you used to do without worrying about it falling off.

Natural Look

Since implants replace both your tooth and the root, they are ingrained in a permanent position. They bring about a more natural look than dentures, blending well with the appearance of your teeth. This prosthetic is versatile, therefore designed to complement your teeth or give you a perfect smile. People would not be able to determine if your teeth are real or fake!

Eat Any Food

One of the downsides of dentures is that you cannot eat crunchy or chewy food. Your diet would be limited, and this can prevent you from tasting your favorite food. Fortunately, with a firm root foundation, it allows you to eat any food. Whether that be crunchy or chewy food, dental implants give you the freedom to taste and chew.

Speak with Ease

They make you feel comfortable, allowing you to form your words with ease. You can speak more comfortably and with confidence without worrying about your teeth slipping. A common problem with dentures is their instability. The prosthetic can slip, making the words come out as slurred or unclear. This can impact one’s self-esteem and confidence. The dentists use titanium implant fixtures that will soon become fused with your jaw bone. The ingrained ones are less likely to slip or fall out like dentures. With them, you can smile and speak with confidence.

Improved Oral Health

If your concern is related to your oral health, it can improve it instead of damaging it further. It does not affect your remaining natural teeth. Furthermore, you would not need to worry about the deterioration of the implant because it would take years before the tooth crown breaks.

It is a costly surgery, but the benefits are worth it. The success rate for dental implantations is usually 98%, depending on the desired location of the implant. However, not everyone is a good candidate for implants since it can be precarious for some. The dentist in charge should first consider if you are a good candidate. For instance, our Dental Implantation Roseville CA dentist will first assess your bone density and health. Those diagnosed with acute illness, metabolic disease, or bone disease infections cannot have dental implantations. They are most likely to be at risk of it failing.

Searching for the best implants Roseville CA has to offer can take some time. Save time by contacting our Dental Implantation Roseville CA. Learn more about this procedure and schedule a consultation with us today.